BIONICS SCIECNES SDN. BHD. was founded in 2009, July 17th

BIONICS SCIENCES is a company that specializes on the import and sales of contact lenses.
Most of our contact lenses are imported from Korea. We do also occasionally import from Taiwan and other regions to fulfil our customers’ needs. We aim to provide only the best and upmost highest quality of  products to our valued customers.

At present, the BIONICS SCIENCES color contact lenses products are: BIONICS® Zest (silicone hydrogel color), BIONICS® Color Touch, iColoris® Galaxy (all the above are 2 pieces per pack), BIONICS® Crazy Color (Quarterly – vial pack), BIONICS® Iris Lens (Prosthetic – half yearly ~ vial pack) and BIONICS® Toric Color Lens (Quarterly – vial pack).

We also provide clear contact lenses, BIONICS® Clear Soft 38 (6 pieces per pack), BIONICS® Oasis Air (6 pieces pack), BIONICS® Trinity Aspheric (2 pieces per pack), BIONICS® 1 day infinity (10 pieces per pack), BIONICS® Blue Tint (yearly – vial pack) and BIONICS® Toric Clear Lens (yearly – vial pack).

We prioritize in delivering all of our products within the respected timeframe of our clients. At the end of the day, our mission is to ensure the effective & efficient delivery of our products in their topmost condition to their respective clients.

In the year 2012, January 19th, a secondary company FIRSTLOOK EYEWEAR SDN. BHD. was formed.

FirstLook solely focuses on selling Quarterly basic color lenses. We have FirstLook® Celebrite and FirstLook® infiniti (all 2 pieces per pack).

FirstLook® infiniti is a Silicone hydrogel color contact lens, and is our highest performing color contact lens which was the first introduced in Malaysia.

2012, Dec 15th, we had officially moved to self-financing our office building. As such, we are able to provide an even better quality of service to our clients.

We believe in the motto “honouring clients and growing together” will help create and reap better results and mutual cooperation in the future.

In June 2014, we begin preparations to fulfil the terms of ISO 13485 & GDPMD’s operating processes in order to meet the Ministry of Health’s criteria for operations.
In the month of December of the same year, we successfully obtained the certificate of approval from an international CAB company as a result of our operations working within the bounds of the criteria above.
We have also received two establishment licenses for our companies from MDA in March 2015.

From then on, BIONICS SCIENCES & FIRSTLOOK EYEWEAR became official companies recognized by Ministry of Health. Both have established licenses to import & distribute contact lenses & eye care solution here in Malaysia.

We have officially summited all products for registration to MDB on 30th June, 2015.


百恩光学(BIONICS SCIENCES SDN. BHD. )成立于2009年7月17日。



目前,百恩光学的彩色隐形眼镜产品计有BIONICS® Zest(硅胶), BIONICS® Color Touch, iColoris® Galaxy(以上全是2片装), BIONICS® Crazy Color(季抛~瓶装), BIONICS® Iris Lens (Prosthetic ~半年抛瓶装)及 BIONICS® Toric Color Lens(季抛~瓶装)。

水蓝片品牌则有BIONICS® Clear Soft 38(6片装), BIONICS® Oasis Air(6片装), BIONICS® Trinity Aspheric(2片装), BIONICS® 1 day infinity(10片装), BIONICS® Blue Tint(年抛~瓶装)及 BIONICS® Toric Clear Lens (年抛~瓶装)


2012年1月19日,我们设立第二间公司壹庭光学(FIRSTLOOK EYEWEAR SDN. BHD.)。壹庭光学是专注于销售季抛彩片。其品牌有FirstLook® Celebrite 和FirstLook® infiniti。

FirstLook® infiniti 是硅胶隐形眼镜(Silicone Hydrogel),是我司第一家将此高效能的彩色隐形眼镜引进我国。




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